Over the past couple of months we have seen gas prices rise astronomically adding additional strain to peoples finances. Here are a couple of tips to help you maximize the efficiency of your boiler.

Reduce the temperature of your central heating water

If your boiler is a condensing boiler, by reducing the water temperature within your central heating pipes to 55 degrees, your boiler will stay in condensing mode throughout the entirety of the time your central heating is on. How do I do that I hear you ask? Well, with the more modern combi boilers its relatively easy and I will use an Ideal Vogue max as an example –

Boiler Controls - Save Money On Your Bills

As demonstrated above, the two dials on the right dictate the temperature of your hot water and your central heating. To adjust the central heating temperature, you simply rotate the top dial anti clockwise until 55 degrees is shown in the LCD display.

This will almost certainly increase the efficiency of your system and save you some precious pennies on your gas bill…

Maximise the heat that your boiler creates –

This can be achieved by a number of simple measures which again will go someway to reduce the amount of heat waste. Please see below:

  • Turn off radiators in rooms that are not used
  • Use your thermostatic radiator valves to regulate the amount of heat each room requires. For example, in a bedroom, your TRV can be turned down to a low setting.
  • Use draft excluders to prevent heat loss under doors
  • Reducing your thermostat temperature by 1 degree will reduce gas consumption
  • Ensure your radiators are bled and do not contain air
  • If applicable, insulate your hot water cylinder

There are a number of upgrades you can purchase to improve the overall efficiency of your heating system. If you would like to discuss these or speak to one of our advisors about any concerns you have over your gas bill, please feel free to get in touch.

We hope this blog has been helpful!

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