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The last couple of years have been rough for local businesses with many having to close their doors due to the pandemic and government guidance. As we begin to return to normal, businesses are still licking their wounds and recovering their losses following the months of missed revenue and lost customers. Been a local business ourselves, we place a huge amount of emphasis on supporting other local businesses alike and heres 5 reasons why:

1) Local economy: Research shows that just £10 spent with a local independent shop means £50 back into the local economy. This means that you can indirectly make a big impact on your local community without it costing you much.

2) Creating local jobs: When there’s an increase in demand, there always an increase in supply. Buying locally can boost the employment rates in your area by increasing the need for more workers.

3) The environment: The lure of next-day delivery makes it hard to resist online shopping. However, when you total the costs of that delivery on the environment, packaging and the fuel to transport the goods, buying local is much better for the environment.

4) Encouraging Entrepreneurs: Shopping locally supports local entrepreneurs and by helping their businesses to grow, you’ll be helping the local economy by increasing the number of jobs in your area.

As a business, we employ local people who in turn serve the local populace and inadvertently spend their wages amongst other local businesses. A vast portion of our revenue is re-invested back into the business to facilitate the growth of the business as we create more job opportunities for local people looking for work.

The fact is, in society we have created a convenient method of shopping which involves cutting out all of the small, local businesses and utilising global powerhouses such as amazon. This was amplified during the peak of pandemic because of government guidance but as we slowly return to normal, we must ensure that the small, local businesses come with us.

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