Repaired Boiler

Getting your gas boiler serviced annually is of vital importance should you want to ensure your appliance is operating as efficiently as possible. In addition, annual boiler servicing can prevent breakdowns and identify underlying faults. Because our gas boilers are the hubs of our home throughout winter, the last thing anyone wants is too wake up without heating or hot water. That’s why summer time is the perfect time for routine maintenance and servicing.

So, what does a service entail?

Here at Phoenix Heating Specialists, we service every boiler in alignment with the manufacturers specifications. Because all boilers are different in design, we complete the checks required and if required, strip and clean the main heat exchanger. Manufacturer aside, during your annual service we will:

  • Complete a full visual inspection of your boiler and flue
  • Complete combustion analysis checks to ensure that your boiler is operating safely and efficiently
  • Complete a gas rate to ensure the gas consumption of your boiler is in alignment with tolerances
  • Check working gas pressures
  • Check the function of various safety devices
  • Clean your central heating filter
  • Check the level of inhibitor within your system and complete a PH test on sample water
  • Clean the condensate trap within your boiler
  • Check the operation of your boiler in both hot water and central heating mode (if a combi boiler)
  • Check integrity of the seals

Our pricing structure means that your annual boiler service can cost as little as £72.00 should you sign up for our £6.00 per month service plan or £84.00 for a one of charge. The purpose of a service is to ensure your boiler has longevity and saves you money in the long term.

To book your service, give us a call or speak to a member of our team via the livechat function on our website.

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